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Utility first of all



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  • Whitelist 

  • Giveaway ON 

  • ​Marketing  

  • Lunch - MetaGangster

  • RoadMap $MGT

Early sell : 0.05ETH


  • Whitelist ready

  • Giveaway

  • Whitepaper

  • Recruitment moderators

  • Rarity Tools Partenership

  • Update website

  • Community Competitions

  • Pre-Sale ready for lunch

Pre-sell : 0.08ETH


Surprise for Early holders

GIVEAWAY 50.000$

  • MetaGangster Game development

  • Development for the NFT launchpad 

  • Artist onboarding

  • Update website MetaGangster v2.0

  • The vision is conceived and team is assemble

  • Charity donation

  • Lunch Merch Shop

  • More marketing

  • Public sale is developed

Public sell : 0.1ETH


50.000$ GIVEAWAY winners LIVE

  • Partnerships and sponsors

  • NFT course for holders development

  • Development of the MetaGangster ecosystem

  • Start development for NFT marketplace with multiple blockchain

  • All team Doxed

  • Development for $MGT


100.000$ GIVEAWAY 

  • Partnership & Collaboration with other projects on Elrond/Solana ecosystem

  • NFT staking and liquidity mining development 

  • Website for $MGT 

  • Rarity Tools relase

  • Dao establishment

  • Platform for trust and reviews NFT collection development

  • Functioning DAO wich can build products

  • NFT collection reveal

  • Create a MetaGangster company

  • Lunch Pad for NFT course release

  • We will be collaborating with content creators to provide exclusive NFTs on our Marketplace.

  • Merch giveaway for holders

  • Meta NFT course for holders start

  • Verified NFT avatar for social media

  • Metaverse World development 

  • Rewards in $GMT for holders

  • Rewards in ETH and BTC for Early Buyers

  • Trading platform with stacking for $GMT

  • NFT platform with multiple blockchain

  • MetaGangster 3D NFT collection

  • MetaGangster Wallet relase

  • More utility for NFT holders

  • Research and develop NFT-DeFi and Metaverse technologies NFT options.

This is just the beginning

More news soon
We will develop an NFT marketplace with multiple blockchains.
We will implement the ability to list collections on more than 5 blockchains.

more developers to create A world in Metaverse where you can bring your NFT to life.
Metagangster wants to development of a decentralized NFT marketplace for high-quality sensual digital art – a market with high demand for the benefits that NFTs provide to artists and collectors.
The MetaGangster Token will be listed on several platforms.
Can be used in our play to earn game.
Holders will be rewarded monthly with MetaGangster Token.
We will make our own currency trading platform where you can put your $MFT on stacking. 
reward MetaGangster holders.
We bring utility to the collection.
Only holders will have access to all projects.
The reveal will be made after public sale.
We will be collaborating with Rarity Tools.
We will do our best to increase the floor price.
MetaGangster is a collection of 9.999 unique NFT's created on the ethereum.
We have a wide range of rarities.
Our main goal as a team is to integrate an unclaimed and restricted currency in MetaGangster world.
  • Region - Europa
  • Angel - Aqua Guardian
  • Gang - Aqua Wolf
  • Mood - Mad
  • Gun - Sapphire Gunkiller
  • Hat - Supreme Aqua
  • Sunglasse - Aqua Techno
  • Necklace - Aqua Super Rare
  • Bracelet - Supreme Rich
  • Earing - Aqua Diamond
  • Region - America
  • Angel - Amethyst Protector
  • Gang - Amethyst Scorpion
  • Mood - President
  • Gun - Amethyst Rocket
  • Hat - xxAmethyst
  • Sunglasse - Amethyst Alien
  • Necklace - Amethyst Rare
  • Bracelet - Amethyst Jail
  • Earring - Ethereum

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  • Region - Europa
  • Gang - Emerald Billionaire
  • Mood - Leader
  • Weapon - Money
  • Hat - Zombie Punk
  • Sunglasse - Emerald Techno
  • Necklace - Emerald Expensive
  • Earring - Bitcoin